positive effects of landslides

Landslide boundary demarcation and mapping are essential to study the extent of damage (Guzzetti, 2006). Composition and Structure, Atmospheric Anything in the top of a landslide or in its path or at its bottom will suffer severe damage. Overview of landslide risk reduction studies in Sri Lanka. Most of landslide prone rural Sri Lanka that has similar socio-economic conditions is now at risk (Jacob and Alles, 1987). In: Margottini C., Canuti P., Sassa, K, editors. Partially collapsed houses were estimated according to the level of damage. The total home garden affected area obtained from the remote sensing data is approximately 72,400 m2 (Area of KHG = 7.2 Hectares, Table 2), and from the primary data, the average age of the KHG has been assumed as25years. Tropical Homegarden 3: 283–296. In addition, a quite rapid and muddy groundwater flow could be observedon the right-side of the landslide, which is still flowing and forming small water streams. Additionally, the following formula was used to determine the sample size (Eq. A successful case of emergency landslide response - Sept. 2, 2014, Shanshucao landslide, Three Gorges Reservoir, China. The extent of destroyed land that was obtained from the satellite images and the age of the KHG were used to develop a multiple regression model to estimate the economic loss of the KHG. (1); Mathers et al., 2007). From this income, only 2% is shared with the general rural community (US$ 2896). Livelihoods and natural resources need to be quickly re-established after a landslide. Sri Lanka socio-economic data. Primary data were gathered by structured questionnaire from two directly affected Grama Niladhari (GN) divisions (Fig. Mathers, N., Fox, N., Hunn, A., 2007. Escamilla, V., M. Emch, and L. Dandalo. Many houses and home gardens were located in the damaged slope, which is higher than 35 degrees (Figs. The unexpected landslide completely destroyed a large land area and was one of the largest landslides recorded in Sri Lankan history. Qiong, H., W. Wenbin, and Y. Qiangyi. In Landslide Risk Manag 52, ed. According to field observation, this landslide was a debris flow landslide having a very complex translational model. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40677-018-0104-6, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/s40677-018-0104-6, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in Weerasinghe. Landslides occur over a wide range of velocities and are recognized as the third most crucial natural disaster worldwide (Zillman, 1999). Landslides area controversial issue worldwide and cause a wide range of impacts on the socio-economic systems of the affected community. Pitawala, and H. Ishiga. Surveys and questionnaires. GIS-based grid overlay method versus modeling.

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