my boss's boss asked for feedback

Like “I’ve noticed that over the past six months, Boss has definitely improved in responding to questions that we have.” Since you know that your boss won’t handle negative criticism well, I’d think that openly complimenting when your boss is doing something you like is the next best plan. It is a survey (I think they might even use Survey Monkey). If your boss is known to be reasonable and capable of handling feedback like an adult, and if her boss is known to be reasonable and capable of handling sensitive information delicately, then you might want to (assuming that you’re at least somewhat motivated to try to improve things, either for yourself or the organization). As unpleasant as it is, some people really just want yes-men around. Unfortunately, many workers are scared to offer constructive feedback to their superiors because they think that by doing so they’ll fall out of their boss’s good graces -- regardless of whether they have a good manager or difficult boss. The folks at Forbes have some great tips for giving your boss the feedback they need to work—and manage—better, but it all starts with understanding exactly what it is your manager is looking to hear. Alternately, another path is for the organization (and your boss’s boss) to give managers very, very clear messages about the importance of getting candid feedback from the people they manage, and the organization’s support for that feedback process and intolerance of any weirdness from your manager toward employees as a result. I agree with Jamie’s earlier comment, don’t put anything negative in writing, but is there anything positive you can say? I would definitely not say anything in person either. That I admire willingness to look at how you could have improved a project and that you’re a good boss overall.”. On the flip side, early in my career I was honest on a survey like this and was met with such negativity for it that I ended up getting pissed off and leaving soon after. Share whatever you write with both your boss and boss's boss (laying all cards on the table - but we are back to the truth setting you free). This is why some companies use external firms to conduct these. You may opt-out by. But unfortunately I am stuck working here for now.

Does he lie to people to manipulate them? . It’s great if they can keep your responses anonymous. Too many advice columnists would says something along the lines of “you owe it to the company to help it improve” whereas you recognize the realities of the situation. As they say, pick your battles. Here’s what you could have done, and here’s what you can do now. Other staff members have told me that they have given feedback that was used directly in their bosses’ performance reviews and so it did not remain anonymous. First off, you say you’re planning to leave. Big mistake. Slam your boss:  And the truth really sets you free. There are two hurdles that have to be overcome. Ms. Enthusiasm, I was just about to recommend the same thing. Not Sure What I’m Doing That Ticks Off My Coworkers: Is It That I’m Fast & Young? A good director will see through such bias. The two interviewers seemed rather clueless about 360 themselves even though they are HR folks. Worse, when I pulled him aside later to discuss, it turned I wasn’t doing anything wrong, just different from how their old manager had.

#1 Ask At The Appropriate Time And Place. If they insist, I would write it as if you expect your name to be on it. Remember: 90% positive and 10% negative feedback for your directs. It’s not so different with your boss. Then, stick to the script. We are your ultimate career destination, offering exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and a peek behind the scenes into fantastic companies and career paths. A management style that she was happier with, and ultimately a better relationship with me. meets target dates?

“I can take it.”.

An added wrinkle is that the review scores are already set. Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Direct-Growt.. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund Direct-Growth, Appraising your boss? I’d say some was my relative’s fault fault (management style didn’t jibe with what they needed) and some was theirs (a couple of very negative people, never happy). That way there's no errors in translation, no miscommunication, and everyone walks away happy (and without their careers in jeopardy.) how much can I coast before grad school, requiring employees to pay for a phone, and more, my dysfunctional office only hires young people because we’re “blank slates”, employee keeps missing work because of possible Covid exposures in their social life, my boss accused me of game-playing, eccentric references, and more. Every good boss requests feedback from their team about their leadership style and their general performance, which is the perfect platform on which to get your points across. Good luck with the job search! I’ve never been part of an organization that used them, though. *”Given the situation you described, I wouldn’t put anything negative in writing.”.
There is no way to help people develop unless feedback is given. (2) What should I do? I think we have a great process where I work. As important as preparing what you’ll say is spending time thinking about how you’ll say it. OP, some time ago I reviewed one of my client’s evaluation policy and protocols (incidentally, anonimity wasn’t airtight there either) and, though that wasn’t in my objectives, I noticed three types of responses to a situation somewhat similar to yours: a. Bull-types: subordinates that spoke their minds no matter what. In theory, it … One of my biggest pet peeves is career advisors who live in an alternate reality from everyone else :). The second is you have to have a management really committed to taking the reviews seriously and making changes as a result. “And however they tell you to do it, write out your thoughts first at home – not at work. 4 things to do when your boss asks for feedback. I'd also cite specific examples for everything.

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