is argentina safer than chile

I'd like to say to some american and latin american trolling that Argentina in 2017 had a lowest murder rate than US (5,2) and it dropped even more in 2018. Favorite Answer. Uruguay murder rate is double than Argentina and only Chile is more safe However, by no means does that imply that you should be carefree when visiting this country. Chile Although Chile is filled with many opportunities for adventure, its smaller land mass means it’s easier to navigate than Argentina. Argentina, despite insecurity has been growing recently, is pretty safe as well. Hi! Argentina's largest and most famous wine region, renowned for its Malbec wines, is a popular stop on the tourist trail. Mexico has its struggles in terms of social security but it has improved during the last few years. Argentina is generally a safe country to travel to, it is actually among the safest ones in entire Latin America. As anywhere you go, they are if you stay out of the problematic areas. I've never been to Chile, but I've been to Buenos Aires Argentina and of course there are a lot of unsafe areas, but it does depend on where you go. … The citty, some neighbours, can be more dangerous (Once, Almagro I live in Chile and have family in Argentina, so I've traveled a lot over there. Among the most common dangers in Chile are luggage theft, mugging, drink spiking, and other similar crimes. With a stunning mountain range as the backdrop, it's a picturesque place to sample the country's best. Both are reasonably safe, so just be careful and cautious and you'll be fine. The city You have to be very careful when moving across Argentina, especially larger cities since its rate of petty theft are very high. If you’re drawn towards tropical destinations, waterfalls and a little bit of jungle, then Argentina is a great option for travel when considering whether to go to Argentina or Chile. Safety: Chile is the second most safe country in Latin America (behind Uruguay). Argentina is safer than what people expects, especially places such us Cariló, Pinamar, Mar de las Pampas, Bariloche, San Martín de Los Andes, etc. I've been to Uruguay, and felt very safe at all times 35 views As for safety in Chile, even though this gorgeous country bordering with Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, is relatively safe, there is definitely some crime risk to be considered.

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