impact of landslides on economy

The trend scenarios were different for the two areas: whereas the Italian area witnessed cropland and urban expansion, that in Romania was characterized by forest expansion and to some extent small scale deforestation, as indicated by forest management trends at the regional level (Malek et al., 2015, 2018). Estimation of the damage suffered by rural lands lying on slopes prone to landslides is built through the interaction of two features, namely: (i) land use/cover type and associated economic value, and (ii) landslide susceptibility.

In the zoomed squares (A′-C′ for 2010, and D′-F′ for 2050) some sectors of the related maps are highlighted. LP and VZ mapped the landslides for Rivo area and LP mapped the land cover for the same area. Geological settings of highly fractured and weathered sandstone, siltstone, and limestone combined with the development of karst caves favored the buildup of groundwater levels in deep layers, thereby causing deep-seated landslides. This is attributable to the extension of the single class in the area and even more to the initial economic value. (Eds.). . 447, 323–336. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.09.125, Petley, D. (2012). Different landslide sampling strategies in a grid-based bi-variate statistical susceptibility model. Indirect disaster losses are declines in output or revenue, as a consequence of direct losses or owing to impacts on a supply chain” (GAR, 2015). crack pattern and The methodology is applied and tested in a cost assessment for highways in the Lower Saxon Uplands, NW Germany, in the period 1980 to 2010. Temperature and precipitation trend analysis is being detected on statistical software (EXCEL and SPSS) so as to capture the changing climatic canvas. Finally, a correlation model is being developed among the vegetation, climate and hazard in order to dug out the impact of vegetation change on to the temperature and precipitation conditions leading to a changing and threatening characteristic of the hazards. (2003).

This article examines in detail the cause and effect of landslide debris flow in three events in Scotland in 2004. 6:97. doi: 10.3389/feart.2018.00097. To spatially allocate future land cover change, we developed a model using Dinamica EGO. Alkema, D. (2007). To map settlements and cropland, we combined the Landsat data with most recent high resolution Google Earth images. Environ. Classified (i.e. In one event boulders of up to 10 tonnes were deposited, with one boulder estimated at 90 tonnes. This latter was operated applying the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve (Pisano et al., 2017c). These include the severance of access to and from relatively remote communities for services and markets for goods; employment, health and educational opportunities; and social activities.

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Namely, bareland losses around 30,000 € for 2007 and 20,000 € for 2050, meanwhile forest loses around 1 Mln€ for 2007 and 2050, and cultivated loses 4 Mln€ for 2007 and around 3.3 Mln€ for 2050. Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses from Weather, Climate and Water Extremes (1970–2012). Iovine, G., and Parise, M. (2002). Estimating consequences of landslides in terms of direct and indirect damage (Fleming and Taylor, 1980; Schuster and Fleming, 1986) is imperative in the framework of reliable risk assessment and management strategies.

Fleming, R. W., and Taylor, F. A. etc.). properties of geomaterials), both conventional inclinometer monitoring

economic impacts of landslides and the associated data. Geol. strategies over medium/long period. Impacts of past and future land changes on landslides in southern Italy. Maps 6, 423–434. In particular, the UKCIP02 (deterministic) and UKCP09 (probabilistic) climate change forecasts, current climate data and historic trends in Scotland’s climate are discussed to obtain a clear picture of recent, current and likely future trends. Table 5. (1999). Impact of event landslides on road networks: a statistical analysis of two Italian case studies.

landslide affecting the historic centre of Lungro town (Calabria In that event, 7 million m3 of rocks and soil fell on the Yelcho glacier depositing 2 million m3 on the glacier terminal, and the rest continued downstream, triggering a mudflow that hit Villa Santa Lucia in the Chilean Patagonia, killing 22 people. This section illustrates the data and the methods used to perform the analysis, whilst land use data and the future 2050 scenario were developed by Pisano et al.

A morphogenetic insight into a multi-hazard analysis: Bâsca Mare landslide dam.
The final land cover map had a 89% overall accuracy. The reconnaissance, mapping and analysis of kinematic

These highest risk sites are subject to the first known quantitative risk assessments for road user fatalities as a result of debris flows. closures are generally of lesser duration.

The multi-temporal land cover mapping was performed in GIS environment by using ortho-rectified and co-registered aerial photos. This knowledge can be used to manage landslide This vast sedimentary basin extends across southwestern Manitoba, southern Saskatchewan, Alberta, northeastern British Columbia and the southwest corner of the Northwest Territories, and contains one of the world's largest reserves of petroleum and natural gas. In the process, natural hazard risk assessment of ISD of the said time period is being also performed statistically. The map identifies the highest susceptibility in the central areas in correspondence of the most clayey formations, i.e., Varicoloured Scaly Clays, that showed high Frequency Ratio values (Pisano et al., 2017c), and is known to be highly affected by landslides in the Southern Apennines of Italy (Fiorillo et al., 1996; Parise and Wasowski, 1999; Rosskopf and Aucelli, 2007). The percentage values are calculated based on the total land value (1st and 3rd columns), and on the single class (2nd and 4th columns). In the zoomed squares (A′-C′ for 2007 and D′-F′ for 2050) some sectors of the related maps are highlighted. On a local level, cost survey is closely linked with cost modeling, a toolset for cost estimation based on landslide databases. There is an increasing interest on studying how anthropogenic pressure on the ecosystems can determine changes in the spatial distribution of landslides (Reichenbach et al., 2014; Malek et al., 2015; Schmaltz et al., 2017; Gariano et al., 2018). Economic values of the selected land cover classes in the Rivo area. Finally, we run the susceptibility analysis scenario adopting the land cover 2050 scenario among the input factor replacing the land cover 2010 in both models. These should be relatively easy, e costs of closing a road (or implementing single, with a given diversion, are relatively simple to, fatal injuries and other incident accident costs, y be taken (on a societal basis) directly, ely to include the recovery of casualties fr, dependent activities, and thus the vulnerabilit.
doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2006.10.040. |, Quaternary Science, Geomorphology and Paleoenvironment,,,, Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). doi: 10.1016/j.catena.2011.01.014, Zêzere, J. L., Garcia, R. A. C., Oliveira, S. C., and Reis, E. (2008). However, there is an absence of well-informed exposure, vulnerability, functionality and recovery models, which are the main components in the quantification of resilience. Figure 3. The methodology includes tools to compile, model, and extrapolate landslide losses on different spatial scales over time. Geol. to safety when they became trapped between two major debris flows. Even in the absence of serious injuries and fatalities, landslide and flood events can have significant socio-economic impacts. When a natural hazard occurs, there can be a great variety of elements at risk affected, but commonly the focus is on buildings and public infrastructure such as roads, railroads, and other communication routes (Alexander, 1986; Chiocchio et al., 1997; Iovine and Parise, 2002; Calcaterra et al., 2008; Calò et al., 2012; Del Soldato et al., 2017).

We intend to propose a methodology that helps to investigate the potential loss of value (expressed in €) of lands usually exploited for economical profit in rural areas. Ces sites présentant les risques les plus élevés font l'objet des premières évaluations quantitatives connues des risques de décès d'usagers de la route par suite de coulées de débris. Schuster, R. L., and Fleming, R. W. (1986). MM and VZ collected the landslide data for Bălăneasa catchment. Geomorphology 94, 467–495. The cost extrapolation results in annual average costs for highways in the Lower Saxon Uplands of US$4.02 million. Typically other work in this area.

Un cadre d'acceptation des risques est utilisé pour définir le contexte et l'utilisation d'une évaluation semi-quantitative pour déterminer les sites les plus à risque est décrite. doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/8/4/044019. Table 1. This encourages a focus on the overall goal of landslide risk reduction, what needs to be achieved (the desired outcomes) and the generic approach to achieving that outcome rather than the specific measure or options (the processes) used to achieve the outcome. From the database we collected the values for the Campobasso province and correlated them to the Rivo land cover classes, afterward we transformed the values to €/m2 (Table 1). We decided to take in consideration also old large landslides areas among the conditional factors, due to the fact that in the region very often new landslides develop within old, large, landslide bodies (Micu et al., 2014). Manage.

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