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It will also help us redeploy staff when cancellations occur or members of staff are called away.”. The trust’s anaesthetists, which make up the hospital’s largest workforce, will be the first group to be included in the rollout of Activity Manager. The James Paget University Hospital is temporarily re-introducing general visitor restrictions as of today (Thursday, 8 October), as a precautionary safety measure in the local management of the spread of Covid-19. http://www.jpaget.nhs.uk/, Information supplied by James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Report an issue with the information on this page, James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Compliance in record-keeping meant that the hospital was now fully compliant on all the care standards. [3], The Louise Hamilton Centre, which was built to provide palliative care for people with cancer and other life limiting and progressive illnesses, was officially opened by Princess Anne in April 2013. The hospital, which replaced Great Yarmouth General Hospital and Gorleston-on-Sea Cottage Hospital, opened in July 1982. [6], In March 2011, the hospital had an outbreak of group A streptococcal infection which resulted in the death of a patient. She will take up her post in... Key CES digital health and wellness tech trends to watch, Best-of-breed and Big Box approaches to provider digital maturity, Emerging tech and trends to watch from CES 2020, ICO assessing 15 contact-tracing companies for data protection approach, NHSX launches online information governance portal, Zesty partnership will see patient portals offered to Cerner NHS clients, Doctorlink launches urgent care triage platform for A&E. It is vital therefore that we have a complete picture of our clinical staffing across the organisation and we are keen to have a suite of products that will deliver this. As a thank you for Ward 5, at the James Paget Hospital, for all of the great care they have given to my father through his treatment THESE are the 13 NHS Trusts with the highest death rates across England. The hospital, which replaced Great Yarmouth General Hospital and Gorleston-on-Sea Cottage Hospital, opened in July 1982. It is managed by the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is rolling out e-rostering software across its medical workforce to better manage the distribution of clinical staff. The system allows users to compare available skills and capacity with specific patient needs, highlighting what resources are needed on a shift.

It was named after Sir James Paget an English surgeon and pathologist who was born in Great Yarmouth and is best remembered for naming Paget's disease.. Official information from NHS about James Paget University Hospital including contact details, directions, opening hours and service/treatment details. Walk for Ward 5. With knowledge of who is working when, and those who are unavailable – for example for study leave – clinical workforce managers will have the information needed to make informed rostering decisions.

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